Artist Studios Open House

The Artist Studios Open House is a great opportunity to see a range of work by BCA studio residents and learn about their artistic practices. Come explore four floors of artist studios; see behind the scenes of the Boston Art Review office; and get an exclusive entry to our new space for movement artists, Studio 414!

The BCA Artist Studios Building will be open from 5:30–8pm. Next door in the Mills Gallery, you’re welcome to visit the reception for both Project Room No.4: Chick Byrne and Cedric Harper: ANCESTRAL LANGUAGE | Curated by Carol Moses also happening on March 16, but from 6–9pm.



Darryl Finnegan B6 @darrellfinnegan



Fresh Ink Theatre, 205 @freshinktheatre

Artemis Akchoti Shahbazi, 207 @artemis_akchoti_shahbazi

Mima McMillan, 208 @kmimad

Kayla Myers, 209 @goldlemons

Julia Csekö, 212 @csekojulia

Feda Eid, 213 @fedaeid



Rosie Renauro, 301 @redladybluelady

Kate Conlon, 303 @kate_conlon_studio

Ileana Doble Hernandez, 304 @ileanadobleh

Rani Sarin, 305 @ranisarin2018

Joanna Tam, 306 @joanna_tam

Georgina Lewis, 308 @georgina.lewis

Boston Art Review, 310 @bostonartreview

veronique d’entremont, 311 @verohneek

Ren Galvan, 312 @rfgalv

A Marcel, 313 @spandexical01

Rebecca Greene, 314 @bigbadbecky

Jameel Radcliffe, 314  @jameel.radcliffe

Crystal Bi, 315 @crystalbi_b

Sabrina Dorsainvil, 315 @oh_sabeedee



Suzanne Merritt, 402 @curioussoulphotoschool

Leika Akiyama, 403 @leika_art1111

Robert Rovenolt, 406(B) @406bbca

Azadeh Tajpour, 406(D) @azadeh_tajpour

Niloufar Keyhani, 406(D) @niloufarkeyhani

Selina Narovlansky, 407

Nelly Kate, 408 @ecstatic.magic

Szu-Chieh Yun, 411 @yunszuchieh

Aileen O. Erickson, 416

Dance Residency Studio,  414

Chelsea Silbereis, 417 @chelseasilbereis

Kate Wildman, 419 @k8_wildman

Charles Suggs, 420 @sggschw