Courtesy of the Artist | Earth Water II, detail

Selina Narovlansky

BCA Studio Resident

Artist Statement

Born in Moscow, Russia, I received my Masters Degree in Applied Art, specializing in textiles, from Moscow Stroganov College of Fine Arts and Design.  Working as an artist/designer for the National Foundation of Art, I participated in the renowned Senesh Experimental Design Studio. A few of my projects, recognized by my colleagues and administration, were exhibited at the Regional and National Exhibitions in Moscow.

In the United States, I have received several grants from the Massachusetts Cultural Council and participated in New England Artists Congresses. I attended the Boston Museum School and the seminars at the Cooper-Hewitt Museum in New York.

Over the past 15 years, I have developed an original technique of painting on silk. My fabric is abstract and inspired by the beauty and the magic of nature and the amazing process of painting itself. Creating wearable art pieces from my silk designs has been another continuation of my designing experience in the exhibitions and interiors I created in Moscow. My other technique is painting with ink on rice paper, and sometimes I draw my inspiration for this from imagining the images of Earth as viewed from a bird’s view.

I am interested in developing my work into installations to create my world in any given space, as I did it during the Exhibition Process Goes to Public at the Mills Gallery a few years ago, when my mother was dying at home and all my creative energy concentrated on trying to comfort her and to do work in her honor. Recently I have exhibited my work locally at the Mills Gallery, Harriet Tubman Gallery, South End Branch of the Boston Public Library Gallery and Fiber Art Gallery in the SOWA district, The Malden Gallery.

I am currently working on a series of collages using my painted fabric on the theme of winter, music and Russian Seasons in Paris.

ASB Visual Artist since 1994.