November (detail) | Courtesy of the Artist

Rani Sarin

BCA Studio Resident

Artist Statement

I have had my hands in paint, pulp, pigment, ink and dye ever since I can remember. I make paper and prints. I also work with fabric. My work is my connection to the dynamic flow of energy and life – it bridges my understanding of the space between the seen world and the felt world.

My work begins inside my head. An intensity of color, a reaction to light, a sensation, a dream, a word, a mood or a memory can be the starting point. The stirrings and restlessness to begin a work are physical – the need, the itch to make a print, a collage, and this compulsion to create begins the process in my studio. And so the dance drama unfolds…The drama inside my head and the dance of the chosen medium- the paint, print, pulp, thread ……

My work explores the underlying harmony in a seemingly disparate world – rooted in India but thriving and growing in the foreign but familiar world beyond. Of late I have been working with mixed media- using my prints, paper that I have made, and fabric that I have dyed.

My images dance on paper – the dance can be quiet, tranquil, thoughtful, serene, cerebral, obvious, pulsating or subtle. It is a play between movement and magic. I am done when my work sings.

Former ASB Visual Artist