Photo credit: Aram Boghosian. "The Mothers" 2021 Boston.

Marcel Marcel

BCA Studio Resident

Marcel Marcel (b. Riga, Latvia) is an emerging video and installation trans artist currently based in Boston. They received an MFA from the Vermont College of Fine Arts in 2018 and a BA in philosophy from Columbia University. Their MFA thesis was a play of text and image, a disorienting glitch of fact and fiction presented in a gestamtkunstwerk called Hot Dogs 24/7. Centered on the recursive “the personal is political,” Marcel’s studio practice seeks to articulate a theory of joy as embodied action. The plurality of registers in their work serves as a carnivalesque disruption of the fascist fiction of borders and a decolonizing of time. In a symbiotic fluorescent infusion of microbial SCOBYs and lo-fi costuming, Marcel queers the the domestic and the digital universe of avatars, gifs and dancing tube guys as a truth revealing means through which to interrogate the territories of production and reproduction of systemic oppressions. Marcel implicates us all within an absurd speculative wonderland — as both a site for political critique as well as refuge and healing.

BCA Studio Resident since 2022.