Image Credit: Nelly Kate

Nelly Kate

BCA Studio Resident Artist

My work is about perception of place as shaped by the built environment and sound. Intersecting Queer, Deaf, Southern, and Hispanic culture I focus upon cultivating ecosystems of inclusion to make way for public imagination. I blend sophisticated responsive technology with lo-fi mechanisms like cassette tapes, stop-motion animations, radio frequencies, Xerox prints, and electronic synthesizers. These tactile materials illuminate the terrestrial and electromagnetic phenomena which our bodies sense but cannot readily name. Through multi-sensory installation I explore expanding time, breaking and remaking meaning, and cultivating ecstatic magic. At the core of my practice is the idea that imagination is foundational to building the world of our dreams and that we need as many people as possible accessing their imaginations to create inclusive communities.

Nelly Kate has been a BCA Studio Resident Artist since 2022.