Both a creative incubator of bold artistic expression and a contemporary curator of the Boston arts experience, BCA brings the arts to life — to lives — through an engaging and lively cultural community.

Portraits by Carlie Febo.

Our Board of Directors

Jennifer Pinck, Chair
Anna Bursaux, Co-Vice Chair
Molly McDonald, Co-Vice Chair
Hannah B. Kanstroom, Secretary
Randall M. Walther, Treasurer
John G.F. Ruggieri-Lam, Chair Emeritus
Rashin Fahandej
Juanita Forsythe
Karen Kelley Gill
Jessica Hughes
Lynne Kortenhaus
Cigdem Oktem
Jonathan A. Smith
Stacy Sweeney
Louis Tucciarone
Lecolion Washington
Bianca Sigh Ward

Our Leadership

Heshan Berents-Weeramuni

Senior Director of Marketing & Communications

Emily Foster Day
Emily Foster Day

Co-Executive Director

Kristi Keefe
Kristi Keefe

Co-Executive Director

Alicia Nichols
Alicia Nichols

Senior Director of Development

Phyllis Y. Smith

Senior Director of Operations

Our Staff

Andrea Blesso
Andrea Blesso

Director of Dance

Randi Hopkins
Randi Hopkins

Director of Visual Arts

Jobelle Mesa

Membership Manager

Michaila Cowie

Theatre Programs Manger

Alexander Wedge

Programming Coordinator

Jennifer Saphier Whitman

Cyclorama Sales