Courtesy of the Artist

Suzanne Merritt

BCA Studio Resident

Artist Statement

I am an author, photographer and mixed media artist. I have been creating a single work of art for the past 25 years. My philosophy book, The Curious Soul:Seeking Beauty, Finding Self, proposes that intense experiences of beauty serve to guide us on our path toward consciousness. It provides a frame for readers to translate the randomness of beauty they encounter into a direct experience of connecting with the infinite. As Dostoevsky once said, “ Beauty will save the world.” This book explores how we can each contribute to making that happen. In addition to written word, the book contains hundreds of photographs, illustrations and collages. Some of the found object assemblage pieces have taken years to complete. Once completed, they are photographed and dis-assembled. My studio is a curiosity cabinet filled to the brim with treasures I use to create the art for the book. You are welcome to visit. Prior to writing my first book, Flow-tography: The Curious Souls Guide to Intuitive Photography, I was the founder of the Polaroid Creativity and Innovation Lab in Cambridge. Before that I was assistant director of Education at PEM in Salem. I am currently the founder of the Curious Soul Photo School in Boston. We focus on photography as a mindfulness practice as a way to translate our experiences of beauty into images. Workshops are offered each weekend. You are welcome to join.

ASB Interdisciplinary Artist since 1998. BCA Studio Resident since 2022.