Photo Credit: Melissa Blackall

Artemis Akchoti Shahbazi

Artemis Akchoti Shahbazi, an Iranian-born Swiss artist and curator, is the founder of ‘The Impermanence Platform’, an art and research platform which, through interviews, exhibitions, and projects, seeks insights into the artist’s process of creation. “The Matrix of Human Identity” is her investigation into the untold or unseen stories and longings that collectively make our reality. She is the curator of Raafat Majzoub: Grounds at Boston Center for the Arts and, together with Daniela Veneri, of Identities in Movement for Rondo’ Pilot, and she designed and taught undergrad students ‘Ways of seeing Iran and the Arab world,’ in which students were asked to alter their gazes; to look at these worlds through the eyes of contemporary artists. Her visual art projects explore the confluences of history, mythology, and culture.