Collaboration with Cyrus Samii: "Nasser Ed Din Shah Outshines the Sun." Photo courtesy of the artists.

Artemis Akchoti Shahbazi

BCA Studio Resident
Exhibition Series Curator

Artemis is an Iranian-born Swiss artist, curator and educator. In order to understand governance, history and culture with different stakeholders, she investigates through travelogues, mythology, contemplative practices, laws, visual arts, and curatorial work, with particular interest in learning intellectually and through the senses.

Her visual arts work has been exhibited internationally, specifically in the USA, Switzerland, United Kingdom and Iran. Her collaborative work with Cyrus Samii “Other kings… Other stories…” was on view at the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston from April to October 24, 2022. Artemis is founder of The Impermanence Platform, an art and research platform which, through interviews, exhibitions, and projects, seeks insights into the artist’s process of creation. She was the curator of Raafat Majzoub: Grounds at Boston Center for the Arts and, together with Daniela Veneri, of Identities in Movement for Rondo’ Pilot, and she designed and taught undergraduate students “Ways of seeing Iran and the Arab world,” in which students were asked to alter their gazes; to look at these worlds through the eyes of contemporary artists.

Artemis is artist in resident at Boston Center for the Arts until 2025.