Chick Byrne Couched in Riddles, 2022 Acrylic on canvas, 90” X 72”

Project Room No. 4: Chick Byrne

On view

March 11, 2023—April 15, 2023 | Wednesday—Saturday, 1–6pm
BCA Mills Gallery, 551 Tremont St., Boston, MA 02116
PLEASE NOTE: Masks are required.

Opening Reception

Thursday, March 16, 2023 | 6–9pm
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BCA Studio Resident Chick Byrne takes over the BCA Mills Gallery Project Room space. This is the fourth installation of our new Project Room Exhibition Series at the BCA Mills Gallery, which features work by BCA Studio Residency Artists, artists who have studios and are part of a three-year residency in our Artist Studios Building.

During the reception, we hope you’ll also take the opportunity to visit the BCA Artist Studios Building and see what BCA studio residents have been working on! The Artist Studios Open House is a great opportunity to see a range of work by BCA studio residents and learn about their artistic practices. Come explore four floors of artist studios; see behind the scenes of the Boston Art Review office; and get an exclusive entry to our new space for movement artists, Studio 414!

Artist Statement

Chick Byrne

My work imagines the body outside of our three-dimensional paradigm. We exist as more than just a body with a mind, but as divine beings of energy and light. The links between each of us are multi-folding.

Canvases are unstretched and painted to the edge to emphasize an interwoven material reality that remains flexible. The works allow us to explore duality: being strong while being undefined, being vulnerable while unafraid. It recognizes that we are all infinitely complex and aims to inspire empathy when faced with different perspectives and our own internal contradictions.

Chick Byrne, BCA Studio Resident