It is part of BCA’s mission to provide artists in our community with affordable spaces. We have now opened a public application process to fill currently vacant ASB studios during the period before the first Studio 551 artist residents begin next summer.

The application process opened on Tuesday, September 1, with a deadline of September 20 to be considered in the first round of applications; applications will be considered on a rolling basis after that. Currently vacant studios will be available to rent from mid October, 2020 until March 31, 2021.

Our studio building is a four story, walk-up building with no loading dock or elevator access. Studios in the building are to be used for work only.

Please see below for application. If you have any questions please contact Randi Hopkins, Director of Visual Arts:

Available Studio Sizes/Price Ranges:

Range A: $150-$250 | 140-180 square feet (3 studios available)

207 – 143 square feet/$165 per mo.
311 – 181 square feet/$215 per mo.
413 – 172 square feet/$197 per mo.

Range B: $250-$400 | 230-350 square feet (2 or 3 studios available)

212 – 345 square feet/$370 per mo. (Special case/partially sound-proofed studio)
306 – 236 square feet/$270 per mo.
411 – 273 square feet/$310 per mo.

Range C: $400+ | 350+ square feet (3 or 4 studios available)

315 – 469 square feet/$530 per mo.
406C – 400 square feet/$455 per mo.
406D – 540 square feet/$350 per mo.
205 – 1122 square feet/$1270 per mo.