Brooke Henderson Stewart, Carving Out Self, 2023, woodblock print and handmade paper

Liz Morlock

Liz Morlock (b. 1993, Long Beach, CA) is a curator and writer living and working in Boston, MA. She currently serves as the Director of Steven Zevitas Gallery with a focus on providing space for emerging, contemporary artists. Morlock also works as the Marketing Manager for New American Paintings, a bi-monthly art publication featuring contemporary painters across all regions of the United States. She previously worked as the Assistant Director of Samsøñ, a gallery specializing in the representation of underrepresented artists and recontextualization of established artists. Recent writing projects consider the site-specific distribution of arts capital in the city of Boston.

Liz Morlock is the curator behind Brooke Stewart: BAD MATH  from the 1:1 Exhibition Series. This exhibition is on view at the BCA Mills Gallery from April 29–June 3, 2023. In this exhibition, Brooke Henderson Stewart constructs a love letter to the artists and makers of Boston who, much like the medium of woodblock printing, continuously carve and build their lives in service of their work.