Image: FaceMe Studio

ACTivate Residency: Face Me

Face Me — ACTivate Residency (February 2-6,2022) documented in a film by Terrence F. Hayes.

FaceMe Studios is a collective that curates intentional art surrounding current societal challenges. Their first iteration, FaceMe:BODY focuses on body dysmorphia and the women that are affected by the standards of beauty. The collective will gather the experience through still images, documentary still footage, immersive experience, and data in hope to shift our judgements and the way we connect in the world.

Throughout their residency in the Cyclorama, FaceMe will be hosting a series of photo shoots, conversations, and rehearsals then presenting the images in large format throughout the space during a gallery showing. Work developed during this residency will be featured in their performance at The Strand Theater in September.


  • Yohansy Garcia, Photographer
  • Stanley Dominque, Photographer/ Documentor
  • Chrystian Dennis, Visual Architect
  • Terrence F. Hayes, Cinematography
  • Nyell Jeudy, Model
  • Carmen Blyden, Model
  • Ola Akinwumi, Model
  • Amanda Shea, Model
  • Gabriela Quezada, Model
  • Shy Teixeira, Model
  • Janelle Gilchrist, Dancer
  • Tat Nicholas, Assistant
  • Fairmount Innovation Lab
  • Y.Garcia Photos