Image: FaceMe Studios

Stanley Dominique

2022-2023 ACTivate Residency

Stanley Dominique is an artist, educator, and community advocate. He is a multimedia artist with a background in graphic design, photography, and performing arts. He is a documentary style storyteller who utilizes various mediums to capture the stories and moments that matter most within his community. Stories have always been important to him. From his early days as a poet to his current in photography, The griot tradition has played an integral role in how he approaches his work. Bridging cultures and generations through his words and imagery.

FaceMe:BODY ACTivate Residency Project

FaceMe Studios is a collective that curates intentional art surrounding current societal challenges. Their first iteration, FaceMe:BODY focuses on body dysmorphia and the women that are affected by the standards of beauty. The collective will gather the experience through still images, documentary still footage, immersive experience, and data in hope to shift our judgements and the way we connect in the world.

Throughout their residency in the Cyclorama, FaceMe will be hosting a series of photo shoots, conversations, and rehearsals then presenting the images in large format throughout the space during a gallery showing on Sunday August 8th at 4pm. Work developed during this residency will be featured in their performance at The Strand Theater in September.