Photo by Paul Fox | Fresh Ink Theatre Company, Last Catastrophist

Launchpad Residency

Please note: We are currently not accepting applications for this residency.

Our Launchpad Residency supports the artistic and organizational growth of an emerging Boston-area performing arts company—a theatre, dance, or music company or ensemble. This multi-year residency provides resources to further develop artistic excellence, organizational growth, and audience engagement. We invite taking artistic risks, multidisciplinary and interdisciplinary creativity, and challenging, provoking, and moving audiences. 

Goals will be determined based on the group’s needs. The residency will last at least 24 months, beginning July 1. Near the midpoint of the second year, we will evaluate the company’s work in the program and may offer a one-year extension. 

Resources will be designed to meet the needs of the company and will include access to rehearsal and performance spaces, mentorship, administrative and production support, marketing, and a platform for producing and performing innovative new work.   


  • Company must be based in the Boston metropolitan area (within route 495)
  • Company must have a production history of at least three years
  • Commitment to equity, diversity, and inclusion must be evident in season planning, staff, performers, and board
  • Priority is given to companies committed to new work and/or new takes on classic work
  • Company must be committed to growing the organization
  • Company must be committed to paying artists a reasonable stipend
  • Individuals must have a demonstrated and robust commitment to their artistic practice and engaging the community

Note: This incubation program is not intended for already well-established performing arts companies.


Current Residents



Past Residents

Castle of Our Skins
Fresh Ink Theatre  (currently a Launchpad Extension Resident — see below)


We are currently not accepting applications for this residency. For updates, sign up for our newsletter and follow us on social media.

Launchpad Extension (LPX)

Launchpad Extension (LPX) is a year-to-year residency program offered to former Launchpad Residents following their final Launchpad Residency year. The program is designed to further support theatre organizations and their continued growth — it will cater specifically to the needs of that company. During their LPX program, the resident company will establish and work towards achieving a set of Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, and Time-Bound (SMART) goals in collaboration with BCA staff. Companies will receive organizational consultation based on the established goals. This may include support with marketing and branding, fundraising, artistic leadership, strategic planning, and other capacity building support.


Current Resident

Fresh Ink Theatre