Virtual Workshop Romancing the Virtual Domestic

Virtual Workshop – Romancing the Virtual Domestic

An object-oriented poetry exercise with writer and soft theorist Annie Louise Martin

Tuesday, August 30 | 7pm

This virtual poetry workshop will explores the changes between screens, objects, and bodies. Participants are encouraged to join the workshop from the comfort of their own homes, preferably from their bedrooms, from which they will be asked to choose an object that has accompanied them for longer than three years. Objects become participants, capable of invoking questions that can guide our understanding of space, aesthetics, and the agency of non-human matter. 

Annie Louise Martin is a writer and soft theorist based in New York City. She holds a BA in English from Amherst College, where she was a two-time panelist for the LitFest Poetry Workshop and the recipient of the Laura Ayres Snyder Poetry Prize, the Ralph Humphries Poetry Prize, and the Collin Armstrong Poetry Prize.