John Deserves to Die

BCA LaunchPad Resident, Fresh Ink, is proud to present John Deserves to Die.


Playwright: Rachel Greene | Director: Regine Vital



All is calm until theater department favorite Professor Daniel Holmes casts unassuming freshman Laura Vogel as Carol in his Spring production of David Mamet’s Oleanna. No one is less pleased than ambitious, fat sophomore Jen Barnett, who threatens to expose a secret that could turn lives and careers upside down. When passionate student reporter Andy Stark starts to follow leads for an explosive exposé, it is only a matter of time before dangerous truths come out. Art begins to imitate life as secrets unravel, masks come off, and classic texts are challenged. In this decidedly murderous exploration into the devilish intricacies of sex, power, consent, and gender politics in academia, three students take control in asking: If Carol was telling the story, wouldn’t John deserve to die?


Content Warning

fatphobia, implications of disordered eating, discussion of murder, discussions of rape, stylized on-stage depictions of sexual assault, onstage moments of physical/sexual violence, explicit language including the c-word


Masks are required.

Hear from the Creators

In this virtual artist talk, meet Rachel Greene (playwright), Regine Vital (director), and Hannah Levinson (dramaturg) of John Deserves to Die, Fresh Ink’s Spring 2023 production.