Headshot photographed by Haley Abram, Image: John Lam photographed by Olivia Moon Photography

Olivia Moon

2023 ACTivate Residency Filmmaker

Olivia Moon (she/they) is a Boston based, multidisciplinary artist specializing in photography, videography, and pole dance. Originally from Los Angeles, her passion for dance led her to Walnut Hill School for the Arts. Upon graduating from Boston University in 2020, she began her business, Olivia Moon Photography. Across all of her creative practices, she centers her self identity to challenge the concept of what is considered normal in today’s society. Olivia brings her knowledge of movement to her photography and videography work, striving to make these 2 dimensional mediums feel 3 dimensional. This year, WBUR highlighted Olivia as one of 15 artists of color leaving an imprint on Massachusetts.

ACTivate Residency Filmmakers Project Description

Throughout the week of February 6-12, 2023, Olivia will be collaborating with and documenting Soyoung L. Kim’s time in the BCA’s Cyclorama. She will be producing a short film that communicates Kim’s artistic process through another lens. The film will include snippets of the final performance, as well as an interview with Kim, and snippets of her day-to-day life outside of the BCA. Olivia wishes to communicate Kim’s connection to the project in an intimate and respectful manner through her personal anecdotes. The final film will be premiered in a culmination event in the Cyclorama.