Image of Soyoung L. Kim

ACTivate Residency: Soyoung L Kim

Artist Soyoung L Kim‘s 2023 ACTivate Residency documented in “Be/Longing” — a film by Olivia Moon Photography/halfasianlens.

She describes her ACTivate Residency‘s aims as the following:

“In 2022, I created a performance art film, “GHOST ROOTS: A New Ganggangsullae” where I reinterpreted a traditional Korean dance and set it in modern day U.S. I will dig deeper into the themes I uncovered in “GHOST ROOTS.” The Cyclorama presents a perfect setting as a circular space to reinterpret the Ganggangsullae. I will create memory landscapes, using archival material, layered with my own artwork. They will be projected onto the walls of the Cyclorama. I plan to create soundscapes from recordings from my travels and from recordings in the Cyclorama, as well as sharing an immigrant’s tale. I envision a performance element to draw the audience into the space. I plan to create a painting in the Cyclorama as well that will be included in the performance. The memory landscapes will be projected in rotation, moving around the circular space, mimicking the circular movement of the Ganggangsullae.”