Image courtesy of the Artists.

Emily Beattie

Run of the Mills — July 2022 Residency

Artist Bio

Emily Beattie is a Somerville based artist with a decades-long relationship with the deep play that technology and movement can evoke. Her work has been supported by the ICA Boston, Boston CyberArts Festival, Ammerman Center for the Arts, Brown University, Paul W. Zuccaire Gallery in NY, Los Angeles’ Pieter Performance Space, The Hammer Museum, and internationally in festivals in Kyoto Japan and Formello, Italy. She is humbled by the grants and numerous support from institutions, friends and family. For more see

Project Description

The performance invites audiences into a new world that rejects technology as we know it and instead relies on a catalytic offloading of encumbering objects, movements, and words to produce a new kind of power. A spoken word poet, a dancer, a designer, a musician, and a mysterious organism playfully guide audiences through a ritual to move beyond our realities to encounter new objects, ways of moving, and ways of speaking in an unexpected realm. The powerful exchange between the performers and each audience member transforms the performance into a collective ritual. Together we gather objects, speak in unison, and move. The work is immersive, interactive, and experimental in nature. Heavily based on speculative futures but reactive to current events, this performance is meant to be personally cathartic and communally healing for all.

This work was collaboratively created by U-Meleni Mhlaba-Adebo, Rosa WeinbergEmily Beattie, and Akili Jamal Haynes.

The work is supported in part by the Live Arts Boston grant from The Boston Foundation.