Hello My Name Is…The Shift Show

by The BCA


Artist Emily Beattie and her Run of the Mills Residency collaborators U-Meleni Mhlaba-Adebo, Rosa Weinberg, join Director of Dance and Interdisciplinary Arts at BCA, Andrea Blesso. The dancer, designer, spoken word poet and program director give an inside look to The Shift Show, the interactive and immersive Run of the Mills project which premieres July 21, 2022.

About Run of the Mills 

The Run of the Mills Residency supports art that defies categorization. This series provides resources to produce trans-disciplinary and inter-disciplinary projects for site-responsive, short duration exhibitions, performances, and events of all stripes at the Mills Gallery at BCA.

Artists take over the Mills Gallery for one week between exhibitions to experiment and create a new work. Generally, selected projects receive access to the empty gallery from Wednesday through Sunday. As a loose framework, each program should contemplate one or two public access points, of which one could be a performance and the other an additional performance, workshop, artist talk, gallery hours, other happening, or additional format that best serves the proposed project. This mini-lab offers artists the opportunity to experiment and share their work with the public in a unique setting. Run of the Mills series features artist-driven projects exploring elements as varied as written word, dance, video, cooking, fashion, and interactive sound elements.