Hello My Name Is…The Shift Show

Watch a talk with artist Emily Beattie and her Run of the Mills Residency collaborators U-Meleni Mhlaba-AdeboRosa Weinberg, and Director of Dance and Interdisciplinary Arts Andrea Blesso. The dancer, designer, spoken word poet and program director will give an inside look to their interactive and immersive Run of the Mills project which premieres July 21.

The Shift Show (Run of the Mills  July 21)

The Shift Show invites audiences into a new world that rejects technology as we know it. Instead a new kind of power is produced by the catalytic offloading of objects, movements, and words we’d rather leave behind. A spoken word poet, a dancer, a designer, a musician, and a mysterious organism playfully guide audiences through a ritual to move beyond our realities to encounter new objects, ways of moving, and ways of speaking. In the Shift Show, the powerful exchange between the performers and each audience member transforms the performance into a collective ritual of joy. Together we gather objects, speak in unison, and move. The work is immersive, interactive, and experimental in nature. Heavily based on speculative futures but reactive to current events, The Shift Show is meant to be personally cathartic and communally healing for all.

Shift Show was collaboratively created by U-Meleni Mhlaba-Adebo, Rosa Weinberg, and Emily Beattie. The work is supported in part by the Live Arts Boston grant from The Boston Foundation.

About Hello My Name Is…

‘Hello My Name Is…’ is a lunchtime virtual meetup series designed to connect our audiences to our programs.