2021–2022 Impact Report

Artwork: Mithsuca Berry; photo: Melissa Blackall.

We are an incubator of new work; a celebration of process; progress in motion.

Dear BCA Family,

Boston Center for the Arts strives to be the boldest artistic incubator in the city. Our vision is to work with a coalition of artists, arts collectives, cross-sector nonprofits, and community members to develop and maintain the infrastructure needed by artists and culture-makers to thrive.

During the last two (unprecedented) years, we continued to put laser focus on deepening support for Boston-area artists by expanding our residency programs, creating trans-disciplinary micro-residencies, expanding pathways for artists to engage with The Mills Gallery, and developing critical feedback loops so that we can continue to be nimble and responsive to the needs of artists in real time. We interrogated our own white supremacist systems and practices by conducting a Racial & Cultural Equity Audit process in partnership with Steward Cultural Development Group. We also allowed space for dreaming, working with Technical Development Corp. (TDC) to examine how our business model can support a reclamation of the historic Cyclorama for use by artists.

Your support of BCA matters. Whether you made art in our spaces, attended #HellaBlack, or became a BCA member for the first time, you are making art happen.

With gratitude,

Emily Foster Day & Kristi Keefe
Co-Executive Directors


Artwork: Szu-Chieh Yun; photo: Julia Ruis Borys.


“Partnering with BCA was really phenomenal for us. They are a really wonderfully run organization, full of very creative thinkers who are kind, generous people who do everything they can to help facilitate artists’ work. And for us as newcomers in the Boston arts community, partnering with BCA really made us feel like this is our home, this is our community. They connected us to other artists, they really made us feel situated in Boston’s creative world.”

— Mia Dalglish, who together with Jun Kuribayashi are the creative force behind Hybridmotion, and were our inaugural ACTivate Residents.

Mia Dalglish and Jun Kuribayashi. Photo: Hybridmotion.



Residencies are at the heart of our work at BCA and are a critical part of how we support the artistic process. We were proud to launch a brand new three-year Studio Residency in July 2021, with a pilot cohort of sixteen jury-selected artists. The BCA Studio Residency fosters access, equity, and experimentation in the arts and provides Residents with a subsidized studio space in the heart of the South End alongside exhibition, networking, and professional development opportunities. Learn more about our Studio Residents here.

“After Dark” by Laura Sánchez; photo: Olivia Moon Photography.

In addition to our now established year-long Boston Dancemakers Residency program, BCA established a new shorter-term Dancemakers Laboratory in 2021 to further broaden support for more local dancers and dancemakers. This residency offers choreographers and dancers the opportunity to further research and revise works that address current issues. This inaugural year featured Rachel LinskyJenny Oliver, and Ilya Vidrin.

Click here for detailed information about all of our residency programs and opportunities for artists.



In September 2021, we celebrated the safe reopening of the acclaimed Mills Gallery and launched the 1:1 Exhibition series, which fostered groundbreaking exhibitions, performances, and events by dozens of artists throughout the last year. These included exhibitions featuring the work of Catalina Schliebener: Growing Sideways, Mithsuca Berry: The Sun Knows No Impostor, and Raafat Majzoub: Grounds. BCA also presented Rights Along The Shore by Danielle Abrams and Mary Ellen Strom, and a fourth edition of #HellaBlack Live Mixtape Vol. 4: PRIDE Edition.

Castle of our Skins, Dorchester Stringfest. Photo by Robert Torres Photography.



And we are in the midst of further reimagining our unique spaces to help develop new work.

Launched in the spring of 2021, our ACTivate Residency throws open the historic Cyclorama over a period of five days to enable Boston-based BIPOC artists to activate the space to explore a site-responsive project. In 2021-22, Iwalani Kaluhiokalani and Steph Davis became the latest ACTivate residents to participate.

ACTivate Residency of Iwalani Kaluhiokalani, September, 2021. Photo by Andrea Blesso.



We continue to actively confront the pressing issues of racial and cultural equity. In January 2022, we completed a year-long, comprehensive race equity audit in partnership with Steward Cultural Development Group (SCDG). We are committed to building on the recommendations made by SCDG and are actively seeking a consultant with whom to partner on an Equity & Anti-Racism Action Planning process in 2022-2023. Keep an eye on updates on our website here.

“Grief Objects” by Laila J. Franklin; photo: Miranda Meyer.


Our Work In FY22 By The Numbers

Our Generous Supporters

BCA wishes to thank our generous supporters. With your partnership, we amplify culture that challenges, provokes, and moves people. Together, we are Boston Arts, Thriving.

Amanda Accardi
Anonymous (6)
Jonathan Aibel and Julie Rohwein
Virginia S. Aisner
Miki Akimoto
Jim Alexander and Thomas Stocker
Alexander, Aronson, Finning & Co., P.C.
Pam Allara
AmazonSmile Foundation
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Steven Avruch
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Bank of America Charitable Gift Fund
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Michael Bojanowski and Richard Lambert
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Colette Bresilla
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Theodore Cantrell
Robert Caro
Kirsys Catalino
Contemporary Theatre of Boston
Bill Chapman
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Paula Chasan
Alexandra Chiou
City of Boston
Jonna Clark
Sarah-Kay Clark
Kristine Clerkin and Catherine Hay
Clinton H. and Wilma T. Shattuck Charitable Trust
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Steven Cohen
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Jennifer Coplon and Robert Frank
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Jennifer Pinck, Chair
Anna Bursaux, Co-Vice Chair
Molly McDonald, Co-Vice Chair
Hannah B. Kanstroom, Secretary
Randall M. Walther, Treasurer
John G.F. Ruggieri-Lam, Chair Emeritus
Rashin Fahandej
Juanita Forsythe
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Cigdem Oktem
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Stacy Sweeney
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Lecolion Washington

We are also very grateful for the support and partnership of each and every one of our volunteers, interns, gallery sitters, house associates, and colleagues for helping Boston artists continue to thrive!

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Video Still from WATERMARK, 2022, 2 channel video installation. Image care of the artists Danielle Abrams and Mary Ellen Strom.