Laila Franklin (image credit: Jonathan Hsu)

Dancemakers Laboratory Residency

In addition to our now established year-long Boston Dancemakers Residency program, Boston Center for the Arts has added a layer of artistic development in the form of our Dancemakers Laboratory to further broaden support for more local dancers and dancemakers.

This residency offers choreographers and dancers the opportunity to further research and revise works that address pressing issues and reflections on humanity. Through a series of open rehearsals, the artists create a feedback loop with mentors and those impacted or involved in the addressed topic.

Dancemakers Laboratory at BCA supports a handful of dance-based artists to continue to explore and develop existing work through the lens of process extending beyond the initial premiere of a work. Resources such as rehearsal space, industry advocacy, and dramaturgical support will be tailored for each dancemaker’s needs and point of their artistic arc.

The 2022-2023 season of Dancemakers Laboratory supported artists to further work focused on climate change, physics, emotions attached to simple human tasks and the ever-shifting landscape of love, featuring work from Audrey MacLean, Laila Franklin, and Wendy Jehlen. Throughout their time on BCA’s campus, each dancemaker will invite guests and colleagues to share feedback on their work through a series of studio visits and open rehearsals.

If you would like to be involved in the feedback loop or learn more about the program, please contact Andrea Blesso, Director of Dance & Interdisciplinary Arts.


“Otherwise” by 2021 Resident Ilya Vidrin

“Untitled” by 2022 Resident Jenny Oliver

“The Schulhoff Collaboration” by 2022 Resident Rachel Linsky