Image credit: Nikki Lee

“Untitled” by Jenny Oliver

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This piece is currently Untitled.

As an artist, Jenny Oliver’s work is archival and oftentimes self-reflective.

‘Untitled’ marks the third part of a triptych about Belonging. The genesis of this three part choreography began at the BCA in 2019 with the creation of Hot Water Over Raised Fists. The current untitled work will include a kinetic self portrait, a new exploration for Oliver.

On Process:

Throughout the quarantine of 2020 I, like many, faced a variety of challenges including numerous deaths of loved ones. Among them were almost an entire generation of my elders. This experience made me take a long, hard look at life.

I observed myself being ushered into a place closer to eldership than I felt prepared for and in my pause, I kept coming back to the questions: What does it mean to belong to a person, to a place, to yourself?

During this residency, I will be experimenting with the sense of smell as a way to build connection and archive memory.

Chapter 1:

Chapter 2:


Dancemakers Research Laboratory at BCA supports a handful of dance-based artists to continue to explore and develop existing work through the lens of process extending beyond the initial premiere of a work. Through a series of open rehearsals, the artists create a feedback loop with mentors and those impacted or involved in the addressed topic.

The 2020 pilot season of Dancemakers Research Laboratory supported artists to further work focused on Indigengous displacement, Holocaust survivor stories, and Soviet refugee experiences and will feature work from Rachel LinskyJenny Oliver, and Ilya Vidrin. Throughout their time on BCA’s campus, each dancemaker will invite guests and colleagues to share feedback on their work through a series of closed and open rehearsals.

If you would like to be involved in the feedback loop or learn more about the program, please contact Andrea Blesso, Director of Dance & Interdisciplinary Arts.