Artwork on view at Laconia Gallery, Courtesy of the artist

“UNRESTRICTED” Studio Visit & Gallery Walk with Artist Robert Rovenolt

On Aug. 11, join us at BCA Studio Resident Robert Rovenolt‘s studio and see hints of the sculpture, collage, and installation art he’s created throughout his career. Afterwards, we’ll walk over to the Laconia Gallery for a walk-through of Unrestricted, Robert’s current exhibition. Curated and installed by Nathan Heilman, another BCA Studio Resident, Unrestricted manifests core tenets of the artistic endeavor: create without boundaries, limits, or restrictions. These freedoms, aligned with Robert’s personal approach to balance in life, lend to his innate ability to create harmony, balance, and order in his studio practice.


Robert’s Artist Statement

I belong to a baby boomer generation that believed it would never grow old. But now, having worked in my studio going on six decades, I have learned that experience and maturity have made me a better person and a more insightful artist.

My preferred endeavors over my career span have been making sculpture, collage and installation art. The use of objet trouve along with artist-fabricated components results in artworks that are once familiar and strange. I always strive for a harmonious visual balance, and my desire is that any narrative implied remain open-ended.

“No ideas but in things” —William Carlos Williams