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Thresh & Hold

Movement of family and broken family. Those who migrated and those who stayed. What does the land remember and hear? Movement of personal healing and reflection in order to return ‘home’ to self and family.

Join Shirley Graham du Bois Creative in Residence poet Marlanda Dekine-Sapient Soul for an evening-length, multimedia experience centered around their new book of poetry Thresh & Hold. 

Winner of the 2021 New Southern Voices Poetry Prize, Marlanda Dekine is a “Spirit-led poet obsessed with ancestry, memory, and the process of staying within one’s own body.” Their work takes on such forms as audio projects, poems, and workshops, exploring such concepts as remembrance, landscape, and shared history. Thresh & Hold is a dynamic extension of these themes being, as Marlanda Dekine shares of the live performance, a “book of poems re-coded into a collaborative ceremony of composed and improvisational music, dance, poetry, and short film.”

Collaborating artists involved with Thresh & Hold include dancer Victoria Lynn Awkward of VLA Dance, South Carolina filmmaker Mahkia Greene, North Carolina composer Brittany J. Green, Cuban pianist Zahili Gonzalez Zamora, and lighting designer Emily Bearce.

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