Self Care Sundays Episode 2

Self Care Sundays Episode #2

Self Care Sundays @ BCA is a new interdisciplinary virtual experience intended to bring joy, healing, and celebration through activating our minds, bodies, and souls.

Join Boston Center for the Arts every first and third Sunday from 12-4 in November and December for pop up moments of ultimate self care like midday yoga, afternoon meditation, artistic inspiration, performances, and more filmed and broadcast in partnership with The Loop Lab.

Episode#2 Schedule

12:00 Move with – Kenny Vertus

1:00 Create with – Cagen Luse

2:00 Watch – Hot Water over Raised Fists

3:00 Meditate with – Project Daydream by MF Dynamics

Artists and Performances

Kenny Vertus (Fitness)

Kenny Vertus, is the owner of Unrivaled Performance. He is a travel and online personal trainer based in Brookline Massachusetts. With a Bachelor’s Degree focused in Exercise Science from Bridgewater State University, Kenny’s objective is to help you make unique, positive lifestyle changes. Through his exercise and nutrition expertise, you can achieve your own personal goals, no matter what they are, and regardless of the level you start at. Let Kenny be the one to help you get there, because your goals are his goals.

Cagen Luse (Visual Art)

Cagen Luse is a visual artist and entrepreneur. He is the artist and author of LunchTime ComiX, a comic series about life, love, family, and the issues people of color face in today’s world.  The Series has been published in the local Alt-weekly DIG Boston and various social media platforms. He also runs his own business, 950design, ( that produces hand-made items such as tee shirts, art prints, buttons, and note cards featuring his original artwork. Cagen is also the organizer of  Comics in Color monthly event series and The Boston Comics in Color Festival ( Boston’s first comic arts festival focusing on stories by and about people of color


Boston Dancemakers Residency Showcase

Choreographer/Director: Jenny Oliver/Connections Dance Theater 

In collaboration with designer Aja Jackson

Costume Designer: Tony Brooks

Dancers: Stacey Badgett Jr, Amy Caine, Erin Chiesa, Jenna Davidson-Catalano, Sadada Jackson, Amanda Jones, Ndubuisi (Ndu) Ofoegbu, Fridien Tchoukoua, Rachael Thomas 

Video Credit: Ernie Galan, Scalped Productions

Experience Hot Water Over Raised Fists where movement, light, and sculptural elements create a visceral experience of empathy and hope. Sparked to action by the Dakota Access Pipeline (DAPL) protests at Standing Rock and the lead-water crisis in Flint, MI, the collective invites the audience to join the resistance throughout this performance-installation.

Premiered June 2019 at Martin Hall, Calderwood Pavilion at BCA

MF Dynamics

MF Dynamics creates large-scale performative art works in public spaces and multimedia experiences at art and concert venues. The experimental studio is guided by Maria Finkelmeier’s principles in creating new and meticulously crafted works that are narrative driven and socially responsive. The studio team and collaborators include audio/visual specialists, musicians, poets, art administrators, engineers, animators and fabricators, working harmoniously to design human centric experiences. MF Dynamics is dedicated to encouraging conversation and connection through visceral, ephemeral, yet unforgettable moments.

Spotify Playlist by Kenny Vertus