J.R. Uretsky, Hope Load

Performance Objects

Curator John Pyper with J.R. Uretsky, Coe Lapossy, and Johnny Adimando

What happens to art when it starts moving?

Performance art is one of the most misunderstood and mystifying art platforms. It provokes questions such as ‘What is the difference between performance art and performance?’ And, ‘How does one appreciate the art of performance art?’ BRINK v2 exhibition curator John Pyper talks with both artists and performers in an exploration of the nebulous world of performance art.

  • 1pm: Johnny Adimando This House is Not a Home. This is a durational performance starting at 1
  • 4pm: All three artists and their collaborators will discuss “what’s all this about performance art?” join us and ask your burning questions
  • 6pm: JR Uretsky and Feminist Conference will bless us with a set of their music
  • 6:30-8pm: Coe Lapossy’s project Meg/Sydney/Alec will culminate in a sawing session involving a 6′ two-man saw