Coe Lapossy, detail from Meg/Sydney/Alec (2015)

BRINK v2: Space and Intimacy

Curated by John Pyper

About BRINK v2: Space and Intimacy:

BRINKv2: Space and Intimacy is the second exhibition in the BRINK series, dedicated to introducing trends found in the work of innovative emerging artists based in the Northeast.

BRINK v2 is focused on sculptors… or then again, not. It presents a convocation of six artists who are developing their practices in a media-rich and medium-agnostic art world. In the current art climate, the concepts “sculptor” and “emerging” have come to indicate market positions rather than states of being. Though the works being shown are sculptures, these artists are indifferent to traditional sculptural materials and designations. BRINK v2 casts its curatorial eye on how else contemporary physicality in art is coming into being, and what kind of being that might be.

What can be seen to unite these artists is their desire to claim space, using materials to push, pull and layer meaning in space. How the work does this is as important as the component materials. Whether responding to their surroundings, enveloping things or leaning against other things, or extending into the room and receding into the wall again, these works construct platforms for their messages. Using non-traditional sculptural materials and novel production methods, they contemplate current subjects like the politics of housing, adjuncting, religion, painting’s process, measurement, gender binaries and family.


Johnny Adimando, Samantha Fields, Coe Lapossy, AJ Liberto, Steven Pestana, and J.R. Uretsky.

About the Curator:

Exhibition curator John Pyper is a writer and editor based in Cambridge, MA. He curated Contained at the Mills Gallery at BCA in 2011 and was included in the gallery’s 18th Annual Drawing Show in 2004.

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