Hello My Name Is…. Kimberleigh Holman, a Dancemakers Resident!

Join Dancemaker Resident Kimberleigh Holman and her Boston Dancemakers Residency showcase collaborators Wanda Strukus and Frank Criscione, for a discussion on their work and process with Director of Dance and Interdisciplinary Arts, Andrea Blesso. Together the dancer, dramaturg, scenic designer, and program director will answer your questions and give you insight into Holman’s upcoming Dancemakers Residency Showcase, Common Circus, which premieres October 7 at BCA Plaza Theatres.


Kimberleigh Holman’s Common Circus

Common Circus is a three-ring exploration of the mundane, in which common tasks and notions will be shown through a lens of performance and spectacle.

As a pandemic’s worth of at-home time passed, Kim Holman found herself focusing on the tasks and motions she repeated regularly, fantasizing about the site of utmost spectacle—circus—and questioning what it would be like to throw such rote tasks as making a simple cup of coffee into the three-ring environment.

Throughout this immersive work, audience members are invited to notice and celebrate the mundane bits of their own lives in the midst of a high performance environment.


Collaborative Team

Director & Choreographer | Kimberleigh A. Holman, Luminarium Dance

Performers & Contributors | Angelina Benitez, Caitlin Canty, Jessica Chang, Cassandre Charles, Katrina Conte, Melenie Diarbekirian, Eliza Malecki, Amy Mastrangelo, Katie McGrail, Cassie Wang

Dramaturg | Wanda Strukus

Composer | Christos Zevos

Scenic Design | Frank Criscione

Technical Director & Light Designer | Anne Dresbach