Hello My Name Is…. Dwayne P. Mitchell

On Thursday, February 16, join Dwayne P. Mitchell, the curator of #HellaBlack Live MixTape Vol. 5, for a preview of the next #HellaBlack (happening on March 2, 7:30pm).

#HellaBlack is an interdisciplinary live mixtape BCA organizes each year to highlight Black artistry throughout the community. #HellaBlack Live Mixtape Vol 5: Soul, this time curated by Dwayne P. Mitchell, aims to once again amplify the voices of rising Black and brown artists from Boston.

When we consider the word ‘Soul,’ and the many intersections of this term, its iterations are rooted in tradition, artistry, and feelings that celebrate the very essence of Blackness in spaces for Black people by Black people.