Photo by Tess Scheflan


A project of Boston Center for the Arts Fall 2020 Public Artist Resident Lilly E. Manycolors
On view October 4-November 15, 2020 on BCA Public Plaza
Installation: Sunday, October 4, 10:15am

EMANATION: INDIGENOUS FURTHERANCE will be installed in accordance with Indigenous practices by members of the local tribes – please be respectful of these customs while attending. The usage of smudges and songs will be utilized and are not permitted to be replicated.

Conceptualized by Lilly E. Manycolors (Tri-racial Anglo-Australia/Black/Choctaw) in partnership with Andre StrongBearHeart Gaines Jr, (Nipmuc).

As a tri-racial mother and artist, Lilly Manycolors‘ work is founded in decolonial embodiment and multiplicity. Her work aims to center Indigenous voices to support the futurity of Indigenous people in their rightful place within Turtle Island. Her work this residency will focus on the reparation of Indigenous people in the present and future fate of humanity through mixed media.

Andre StrongBearHeart Gaines Jr. is of the Nipmuc people, a strong cultural steward, a father, public speaker, traditional dancer, poet, recovery coach and educator. His works are founded in cultural preservation and revitalization.

“Indigenous people never went extinct. We are still here. Indigenous people must be restored to their rightful place in the cultural structure of the Americas. The health and wellbeing of the planet requires Indigenous people to be liberated and sovereign.”