Photo by Tess Scheflan

Lilly E. Manycolors

2020 Public Art Resident

Artist Statement

Lilly E. Manycolors is a mixed Choctaw mother and interdisciplinary artist and scholar known for her emotionally-excavating artworks and performances. Deeply rooted in her Choctaw traditions and Anishinaabe teachings given to her, she draws from her personal journeys to create pieces that offer safer spaces for decolonial dialogue, intimate connections, and new ways of being. Her art focuses on the human condition, bringing into conversation experiences of otherness, transformation, trauma and healing, gender, and possibilities of being one’s complex self. Through her pieces she invites her audience to traverse vast emotional terrains with her and explore the depths of personhood together. How do we feel and accept the fullness of pain and suffering, and still believe we will survive them? What relationships are we cultivating between our own body and the bodies of others? How do we live in the in-between spaces, and live well? These questions and more she brings alive through her various art forms, mostly self-taught, including visual art, sculpture, installation, dance, poetry, and performance art.

Manycolors’ work during the residency will focus on the reparation of Indigenous people in the present and future fate of humanity through mixed media.