BIG INK Inking a Woodblock Carved by Kelsie Becker

BIG INK x BCA Workshop

Register by Feb. 27: Learn how to make a woodblock print of epic proportions in this blended learning workshop!



Registration Deadline: Feb. 27

Workshop Period ends May 5

Printing Days: May 6 or 7

Course Cost, Materials, & Professional Printing: $300


Big Ink will be using their custom-designed giant mobile printing press they aptly named The Big Tuna. Take this opportunity to create at an ambitious scale (from 24 by 36 to 40 by 96 inches) and have your woodblock professionally printed!

No prior printmaking experience is necessary, and we encourage individuals of all skill levels. Online learning begins after you register and continues through May 5, 2023. Registrants must attend one in-person printing day, either May 6 or 7, 2023, which BIG INK assigns following the registration deadline. There are 16 slots available, and the registration deadline is February 27, 2023.


This course costs $300 and it gives you access to Big Ink’s master course, three professionally made prints, a printmaking supplies sample kit courtesy of Speedball Art Products, and a paper sample pack courtesy of Legion. You and your fellow workshop participants will meet on an assigned day. Big Ink prints three impressions per participant. Lend a helping hand by holding paper or hanging prints. It is a chance to create friendships. In addition, the printing days are open for public viewing. Invite friends and family to celebrate your artistic accomplishment!

Presented by Big Ink, this workshop coincides with an upcoming Spring 1:1 Exhibition featuring Boston-based artist and printmaker Brooke Stewart. Curated by Liz Morlock, the exhibition is a compilation of new woodblock prints that capture brief encounters with loved ones.

Exhibition dates: Saturday April 29, 2023 — June 3, 2023.