Jamilah Sabur, Infect Affect: Inflammation Everywhere, 2014 (detail)

Action Kits

Curated by Matt Rich

About Action Kits:

ACTION KITS is an exhibition of new interactive artworks by five artists. Each of these works takes the form of a kit – a coordinated set of things that have been assembled to be experienced by visitors to the exhibition.

To create these interactive systems, five South End-area professionals have been paired with five artists. Each professional was asked the same five questions about their personal working methodologies and problem-solving philosophies. Their answers have been translated by their paired artist into an interactive kit. The completed ACTION KITS will be on exhibit in the gallery alongside the original questions and answers.

Designed for interaction and collaboration, these ACTION KITS are activated by the visitors’ engagement. Members of the public can play, experiment and open their own inquiries within the dynamics of these systems. They are encouraged to find narratives that test their expectations and create new experiences.

In this exhibition, process is both a means and an end—generating experiential scripts for communicating a wide range of ideas.


Jamilah Sabur, John C. Gonzalez, Susan Metrican, Marcus Civin, and Jamie Zigelbaum

ACTION KITS South End-area professionals:

  • Stewart Clements, photographer, Clements Photography & Design
  • Lyndia Downie, President and Executive Director, Pine Street Inn
  • Claudia Eliaza, Director of Music Therapy, Community Music Center of Boston
  • Nathan Felde, Professor and Chair, Department of Art + Design, Northeastern University
  • Jennifer Siegel, Assistant Professor, Section of General Internal Medicine, Boston University Medical Center

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Opening Reception
Friday, January 23 | 6pm

Thomas Willis performs exercises by John C. Gonzalez
Friday, Feb 6 | 7pm

Friday, March 20 | 7pm
An inventive evening of music created in the spirit of collaborative participation with Community Music Center of Boston

Curator and Artists Talk
Wednesday, March 25 | 6pm
With curator Matt Rich and exhibition participants