BCA Studio Residency



Applications for the 2022 BCA Studio Residency will open in early 2022


BCA is launching a new cross- and multidisciplinary studio residency program to foster and support access, equity and experimentation in the arts and in new art being created in Boston.  Our new BCA Studio Residency program will provide selected artists with work-only studio space in BCA’s Artist Studios Building located at 551 Tremont Street in Boston’s South End, along with access to a roster of programs and professional support geared towards nurturing a vibrant and diverse community of artists in Boston.   

BCA Studio Residency welcomes applicants working in all media, including artists with community-based public art practices, artists interested in further developing curatorial skills and projects, and artists with movement- or performance-based practices. 

The program will launch with a pilot cohort of approximately 12-15 artists; this first group of artists will have access to studio space starting July 1, 2021.  Each artist who is selected for the program will be provided with 24/7 access to an individual, work-only studio space in BCA’s Artist Studios Building at 551 Tremont Street in Boston’s South End for a term of 2-years, with the opportunity to renew for a third year.  Studios range from 140-540 square feet.  Studio space includes free Wi-Fi and heat, and reduced rate access to available rehearsal space at BCA, as well as access to a vibrant professional community, opportunities for public visibility for their work, and support for artistic development through participation in a range of programmatic events and activities.

The BCA Studio Residency includes a studio fee that ranges from $240 – $900 per month based on studio size.   Studio fees are calculated at a rate of $20 sq ft/year, or 60% off market rate.  We are working to be able to offer opportunities for need-based and merit-based financial aid as the program grows.


In addition to enjoying 24/7 access to individual studio space and reduced rate access to rehearsal space at BCA, BCA Studio Residents will be expected to participate in:

  • Fall, Winter or Spring “Virtual Group Show”: BCA Studio Residents will each participate in at least one of a series of three online programs, presented by BCA to create public dialogue and share thoughts and work being created at BCA;
  • Ongoing Virtual studio visits: BCA will arrange for BCA Studio Residents to have the opportunity to engage in at least two virtual visits with curators or other relevant arts professional for feedback and network development; and
  • Annual Spring “BCA Open House”: the new annual, campus-wide BCA produced event will launch in Spring 2022 as an opportunity for artists at BCA to welcome the public into their studios, as well as to present performances and installations across campus.


Our goal is to gather a diverse and inclusive community of artists for the purpose of supporting innovative work across disciplines, connecting artists with peers and resources, and providing a vibrant platform for new art in Boston.  

Applications will be evaluated based on artist’s demonstration of:


Does the artist’s practice display innovation, openness to new ideas, perspectives and techniques?


Is the artist’s work relevant, topical, in dialogue with issues of contemporary interest?


Does the artist think holistically about the relationships between art and life?

Community engagement.

Does the artist demonstrate a willingness and aptitude for significant give and take exchange among colleagues and audiences? and

Potential impact.

How does the artist articulate the impact of this residency on their practice?


Applications will be reviewed and juried by an independent group of arts professionals, with selections made based on the strength of their application in light of the foregoing articulation of Boston Center for the Arts’ core Artistic Ethos.  

Strong consideration will be given to creating a diverse cohort of applicants, with priority for BIPOC artists, taking into account each applicant’s potential contribution to building a community of artists, as well as potential transformative effect of the residency on their individual artistic practice.   This includes willingness to participate in public events, interact with the public and fellow artists, and be involved in BCA activities.


We do not accept students currently enrolled in school, however a BA, MA, BFA or MFA is not required.

We do accept collectives, however we ask that you apply by way of a single application.

BCA Studio Residency alumni must wait one year to reapply following their last residency.



Studios in the building are WORK ONLY, not live-work space;

Studios and common space in the building may not be the site of any public events (that is, any non-residents coming into the building must be entering on the basis of an individual invitation); 

The studio building is a four floor, walk-up building, with no elevator and no loading dock.

In Addition

We look forward to inviting artists across disciplines to pursue their art through the BCA Studio Residency program, within the realistic constraints and restrictions related to the physical structure itself, which includes a particulate-based fire suppression system, non-sound-proofed walls and floors, and old pipes. 

Artists selected for the first cohort of BCA’s new Studio Residency program will begin their residencies on  July 1, 2021, and may remain in the program for two years (through June 30, 2023), with the opportunity for a one-year extension (through June 30, 2024).


Black Lives Matter. It is incumbent upon us to act accordingly, and to identify those ways that we, as leaders of cultural organizations, can stop perpetuating pervasive and systemic white supremacist practices and lead through our actions. 

Boston Center for the Arts is committed to doing the hard work of dismantling even the most subtle forms of white supremacy in our organization, in our practices, and in the work, we do to help make Boston a place where Black artists can live and thrive.

BCA Residents agree to working with Boston Center for the Arts to dismantle white supremacy.

To that end, Residents will be expected to adhere to BCA’s anti-racism and sexual harassment policies as detailed in the residency handbook. Residents agree to participate in ongoing anti-racist work which may include workshops, readings, and other activities. BCA has a zero-tolerance policy for racist, sexist, homophobic, xenophobic, transphobic, anti-Semitic, Islamophobic, and ableists actions and behavior. BCA will immediately revoke all rights and privileges of its Residents should a Resident or its artists act or behave in the aforementioned manner.


All BCA Studio Residents agree to abide by the BCA’s COVID-19 policy as well as any applicable City and State regulations, including wearing masks when in the common areas of the studios building and following posted social distancing guidelines.  BCA provides sanitizing materials and daily cleaning and/or sanitization of common space in the studios building.