Photos: James Brockett

Timi O

Artist Performer at #HellaBlack Live MixTape Vol. 5: Soul

Timi O (he/him) is a caricature of his emotions. When growing up as a Nigerian male in Worcester, MA, you’re not typically presented with opportunities to say how you feel. He realized that this resulted in him not being able to effectively process emotion later in life. To combat this, he sought therapy and decided to shift towards communicating emotions directly through music. This also bleeds into his music making process, as he is now freed from any self imposed limitations. “I find that you will always have something to write about when you allow yourself to be vulnerable.” Timi O draws inspiration from his culture, anime, and his vulnerability. The result is Hip Hop music with heavy attention to detail and an ability to always bring something new to the experience. The “anti-social extrovert” has also quickly been embraced by the Boston music scene, demonstrating high energy performances, a wide vocal range, and unique ability to command the crowd. The potent lyricist continues to show his artistry with surreal visuals, depicting a direct representation of his identity.