Photo by Zulhay Garcia, Garcia Productions.

TiElla Grimes

Performing Artist at #HellaBlack Vol. 6: Sacred

Over the past two decades, my artistic journey has undergone significant transformations. Initially, I embraced being a rebellious and bold youth, fearlessly expressing my thoughts on various subjects as I transitioned into adulthood. The subsequent phase delved into global issues, with works like Black Wall Street, Apology to the Ancestors, and Deep-Rooted Reflection created exclusively for personal performances and events. However, during this period, I began concealing aspects of myself due to shame and guilt, hesitant to share my personal struggles with anxiety, depression, and feelings of unworthiness.

Now, I find myself entering a new phase that delves into the traditions I created out of my trauma and explores the impact of intergenerational “hand-me-downs of reality” on my identity development. The central question guiding my existence is, “Who am I?” My journey has led me to become a masterful navigator, akin to a “jack of all trades,” adept at wearing various masks to navigate diverse people (family, friends, etc.) and circumstances.

I have been working to address and unpack these self-imposed barriers, seeking to understand myself by immersing in stillness and connecting with my Inner G. My work revolves around being an ‘Innpowered Seeker’, mastering the art of self-discovery amidst the multifaceted layers of my identity – constantly evolving and immersing myself in the authenticity of my being.