Photo courtesy of the curator

Yeah, You Missed It!

Curated by Robert Moeller

About Yeah, You Missed It!:

Yeah, You Missed It!

And perhaps, that’s the point. You missed it. This exhibition continues to explore the very temporary placement of art in both traditional and nontraditional venues. The show, part of an ongoing series, features a rotating group of both artists and curators, organized by Robert Moeller, who work together to program very brief pop-up exhibitions. These can range from informal backyard events to the embedding of new work into an existing art collection in someone’s home for an evening. This exhibition at the Mills Gallery, lasting only two days, has in its title the most likely response to questions about its brief existence: Yeah, you missed it!


With work by: liselot van der heijden, kristine roan, a.b miner, julia parker, franklin evans, raul gonzalez, maggie jensen, caroline bagenal, dead art star, pat falco, antoniadis & stone, maria molteni, frank egloff, genesis baez, dave ortega, geoff hargadon, andrea sherrill evans, sarah krizon, j.r. uretsky, carlos jimenez cahua, anthony palocci jr., nick schietromo, elaine bay. Plus: ¡Té Lo Perdiste! An individual and overlapping durational performance program curated by anabel vázquez rodríguez featuring work by benjamin lundberg, dey hernández vázquez, ian deleón, shey rivera ríos. And: A Table: Get organized, Get saved! Presented by: nia evans, Boston NAACP, lissy romanow, Neighbor to Neighbor, and priscilla flint representing the Black Economic Justice Institute.

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Opening Reception
Friday, April 17 | 6-9pm