Derrick Adams, In The House, 2010, digital photograph | 36" x 30" | edition of 3

The World According to Derrick

Curated by Nuit Banai

About The World According to Derrick: Performative Objects in Formation:

In his first exhibition in Boston, the New York based multidisciplinary artist Derrick Adams will display sculptural objects, photographs and video documentation from performances, along with performative-related sculptural works. This collection of diverse works, representing over a decade of artistic production, possesses the traces of human embodiment and its transformative nature. Visitors will not only experience the world from Adams’ viewpoint, but also with a performative aspect that will bring the objects and artworks to life. Surpassing the limits of medium specificity, the artist’s practice generates a network of subtle references, allusions and hints that tap into numerous registers of experience. Shedding light on persuasive, performative and often duplicitous identities, as well as on architectural objects and iconography, the work he creates also reflects the relationship between man and monument as they coexist in the landscape as representations of one another.

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Opening Reception
Friday, July 13 | 7-9pm
With a special DJ set by Derrick Adams

Artist and Curator Talk
Friday, August 24 | 7pm

Feed them with a long spoon Performance
Friday, September 7 | 7pm