Strange Loops and Matinee/Matine

About Strange Loops

Strange Loops gathers a group of artists, the majority from the Boston area, whose practice explores abstraction and the idea of looping. Loops are structures with no beginning or end, often shaking our perception. The exhibit includes drawings, sculptures, paintings, and video that play with the notion of an endless relation between abstraction and figuration, language and image, finite and infinite structures.

About Mattinee/Matiné at the Exit Room

This exhibition is named after Liliana Porter’s latest video, which receives its Boston premiere at the BCA Mills Gallery. Kitschy figurines star in a series of vignettes that wittily challenges the limits of fiction and representation. Porter once compared the experience of looking at her work to watching a movie in a theater with the lights on. The exhibit also features a suite of drawings, Brief Events (2008), by this internationally recognized Argentinean artist based in New York.


Fred Muram, Peter Hoss, Matthew Rich, Karen Schiff, Tatyana Gubash, Eve Essex, John Schulz, Alicia Mihai Gazcue.

In The News

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