Artwork by Nieves Waleska Pumarejo Blanco

Run of the Mills El despojo: ¿Alguien ha/Has Anyone?

Performance begins at 8

About El despojo – ¿Alguien ha/Has Anyone?:

For our October 2019 Run of the Mills, artist Yara Liceaga-Rojas creates El despojo: ¿Alguien ha/Has Anyone?—a cathartic-meets-healing space consisting of bilingual in Spanish/English participatory poetry and ritualistic choreography on the topic of mourning and the impact environmental-related trauma. As a Puerto Rican diasporan subject living in the United States, living the catastrophe of Hurricane María was an event that had a physical and psychological imprint on her. Liceaga-Rojas plans to transform the Mills Gallery into a tropical-like environment, bringing audiences through the stages of the before, and after the catastrophic weather phenomena. Participatory poetry and ritualistic choreography led by Yara Liceaga-Rojas, Anabel Vázquez Rodríguez, Luana Morales and Shey Rivera.

EBT Cardholders:

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