Image by Adam DeTour

Project Daydream

Empowering imagination and relaxation through music, Project Daydream is an experience by Maria Finkelmeier with Timothy Hall. The 30-minute work will feature voice, marimba, saxophone, and electronic music elements.

Through five segments, listeners will be encouraged to explore their breath, their joy, their support system, and their own mantra. The music will encourage relaxation by infusing repetitive phrases, heartbeat rhythms, and soaring melodies. Developed in collaboration with Susan Lovett of Hands to Heart Center, the program takes listeners on a journey from a space of personal reflection to collective rejuvenation.

The work will be premiered online on November 2, encouraging listeners to pause and breathe on the eve of the 2020 Election Day.

It will also be streamed directly to schools and Community Centers throughout the month of November, offering a special moment for our youth as they navigate the pandemic and difficulties that have plagued this year.

Music and Direction: Maria Finkelmeier
Performed: Maria Finkelmeier & Timothy Hall
Videography and Editing: The Loop Lab
Community Partner: Celebrity Series of Boston Neighborhood Arts & Kadence Arts
Venue: The Cyclorama at Boston Center for the Arts

Explore these two (2) sonic examples for an idea of what’s to come: one and two.