Orpheus in the Overworld An Ink Spot Reading

Fresh Ink Theatre – Launchpad Extension Resident

Orpheus in the Overworld

by Dante Gonzalez (he/they)
The gods have forced Orpheus and Eurydice to repeat their tragedy for centuries, but this time everyone (and everything) is a bit more queer than usual: tomboys, fairies, gods, and god-ish bartenders abound. Join this cast of characters for a celebration of queerness, genderfullness, and staking claim on our own story.

About Ink Spot Readings:
The Ink Spot staged reading series is a platform to showcase new work in progress and provide an opportunity for playwrights to partner with a director and dramaturg for some focused development on their play. These script-in-hand readings also allow each playwright to hear their text aloud and with an audience — often for the very first time! The audience is a crucial component for scripts at this phase of the development process, and each reading will be followed by a guided conversation about the play. We hope you join us to participate directly in the new work development process and help shape how these plays grow!