Networks, Platforms, & Audiences

Our very own Randi Hopkins, BCA’s Director of Visual Arts, will be speaking on a panel called “Networks, Platforms, & Audiences” as part of BU’s Contemporary Art Book Symposium.

Randi will be discussing her experience as one of the founders of BCA’s Boston Art Book Fair (which is happening again this year!)
Randi Hopkins

Randi Hopkins. Photography by Carlie Febo.

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Scheduled for Friday the 24th, at noon, “Networks, Platforms, & Audiences” marks the mid-point of a the three day Contemporary Art Book Symposium hosted by BU.


Hannah Coleman, Childish Books
Tim Devin, Free the Future Press
Randi Hopkins, Boston Art Book Fair
Ryan Gerald Nelson
Jae Rossman, Jenny Press

Moderated by Bella Bennett, MFA Candidate in Graphic Design, Boston University