Lunchtime Listening Sessions x Red Shaydez

We’re thrilled to be joined by Red Shaydez for episode 3 of Lunchtime Listening Sessions! Red Shaydez is a multi-faceted, boxer robe-wearing, bully of a hip-hop artist and the queen of cool. Her lyrical prowess leaves nothing standing in its wake. She has a track record to prove that she is not only next but is now: the Boston-born lyricist, filmmaker, public speaker, and mentor has been featured on MTV, Fox 25 News, Hot 96.9 FM and more! She was also nominated for “Unsigned Artist of the Year” at the 2019 Boston Music Awards. With the release of her new album “Feel The Aura”, Shaydez plans to create an impact across the world.

Curated by Lyndsay Allyn Cox, Director of Theatre Arts

We produce this event in order to play an important role in the amplification of BIPOC artistry. We aim to ensure that our programming reflects the type of programming our community needs. The Summer 2020 Listening Sessions are a series meant to evoke joy, healing, and celebration.

Program Statement

Black Lives Matter. There is simply no other way to put it. Black folx have been engaged in an ongoing revolution since 1619 when their ancestors were violently kidnapped from their homes. Century after century, decade after decade, year after year, month after month, day after day, minute after minute Black people in America fear for their lives, their freedom, their right to exist. This summer we turn our attention to Black artists who during this time of extreme pain, fear, and anger, use their artistry to find healing for themselves and others. Starting July 15, every first and third Wednesday between July and October, BCA will host a Lunchtime listening session with a local Black performing artist. These sessions are meant to be a source of healing and expression within the Black community and are in solidarity with the Black Lives Matter movement. We invite you to join us on the following dates to support these artists.