Sandrine Schaefer, gaggle no.1

gaggle walk

gaggle walk no. 1:

Date: Thursday, October 17 | 5–6:30pm (Rain date: Friday, October 18 | 5–6:30pm)
Location: Meet at Evans Way Park (244 Fenway, Boston, MA 02115)

gaggle walk no. 2:

Date: Saturday, November 9 | 1:30–3:30pm
Location: Leaving from the Mills Gallery at BCA
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Join BCA Resident Artist Sandrine Schaefer for Performative Walks to encounter and engage the local residential and migratory geese populations. You will be walking with a small group to perform site-specific experimental actions, partaking in Schaefer’s research process and helping shape their project.

About Schaefer’s Residency at BCA:

Sandrine Schaefer will be developing a series of socially-engaged performance artworks to be sited in public parks throughout Boston where large populations of geese reside. Actions that make up these performances are sourced from goose gathering behaviors observed in these locations and human activist strategies of assembly. Sandrine will use the residency period and resources to develop potential performance sites, collaborative techniques and performance structures, and make objects to be used in the performances. Through this work, Sandrine intends to draw attention to the collision between human and non-human life in sites designated for human passing and recreation. Moments of public touch throughout Sandrine’s residency include observational art walks which will generate content for these performances and engage the public in creative actions and observational exercises used in their artistic research.