Tania Kitchell, Air Series, 2004.

And The Fair Moon Rejoices

Curated by Randi Hopkins and Emily Isenberg.

About And The Fair Moon Rejoices: Contemporary Visionaries in the Wake of Blake

The often unruly forces of nature and imagination bear great resemblance to each other:  each acts as an unseen agent causing beauty to bloom as well inciting ruin and decay, and each works in ways that are spectacular as well as in ways that are banal, ordinary – snow falls, problems are solved, apples rot, an idea forms.  These forces find themselves tangled and intertwined in And the fair Moon rejoices: contemporary visionaries in the wake of Blake, organized by Randi Hopkins and Emily Isenberg and presented in the Mills Gallery at the Boston Center for the Arts from June 26-August 16, 2009.  The exhibition features work by six artists who fuse the mundane with the metaphysical, and draw connections between the creative act and something beyond the tangible:


Larry Bamburg, Tory Fair, Sharon Harper, Tania Kitchell, Justine Kurland, Cristina Lei Rodriguez.