Image by Cara Brostrom - Lazaro Montano, Benjamin Moore Paint Colors Alphabetized and Grouped by Name (Color Preview Collection), 2013 (installation view).

AMALGAM and Different Kind of Monster

Curated by Evan J. Garza


The BCA Artist Studio Building is a diverse collection of artists working with an equally varied multitude of influences, subject matter, and medium. Therefore the work on view in AMALGAM is made from several pieces, fragments, sources, and found objects to reflect the construction of a single thing from many parts. The emphasis on studio practice and its effect on resulting work is reflected in the presentation of ephemera from the studios of selected artists, installed throughout the gallery alongside original works. These items offer clues as to how—or where—these works emerged. Additionally, several exciting and unforeseen connections between artists are explored throughout the space.


Leika Akiyama, David Lloyd Brown, Ken Clark, Aileen Erickson, Lazaro Montano, David Reichert, Robert Rovenolt, and Sophie Truong

About Different Kind of Monster

Interested in varied representations of animals, BCA studio artists occupy the EXIT Room gallery with works that are not immediately anthropomorphic, but firmly recall a human spirit. Marked by imperfect yet refined compositions, the three women in Different Kind of Monster explore issues of fear, identity, and the human condition through a cast of common animals and monsters depicted in peculiar and endearing ways.

Different Kind of Monster Artists

Rebecca Greene, Kathleen A. Kneeland, and Miriam Shenitzer