Portrait photo by Aliza Shapiro / Truth Serum; Cover photo by Xray Aims.

Xray Aims

Xray Aims (b. Boston, aka Aliza Shapiro / Truth Serum Productions) is a multidisciplinary performance artist who works with collaborators in long durational pieces. These works intersect art and kink in an effort to connect humans to one another, and beyond. Their work engages with beauty, pain and the built environment with / and / through the body. Movement < — > Communication is key. Aims creates folding geometric drawings that pose a question on the infrastructure of trust and consent.

As an artist (and educator) their work has been performed in solo and group shows in the U.S., Canada and Europe. In recent years they have received the A4A / Mass MoCA Capacity Building Grant (2023) and Mass Cultural Council: Cultural Sector Recovery Grants (2023). They have attended residencies in 2023 Queer Family Orphanage, 2019 betOnest in Stolpe, Brandenburg, Germany and others. They have Bachelors Degrees in Fine Arts and Architecture from Rhode Island School of Design.